Time is in turmoil...
Complete the spell to restore reality!

Check-in begins @Rinshi-no-Mori Park (in Meguro)
March 18th at 6:00pm sharp

Time Travel Edition

It's a race through time to restore history!

A passing comet has torn the timeline, creating portals to the past. Random citizens of Earth have been cast outside the time stream.

They need the help of five time wizards, who will demand assistance in exchange for providing them with elements of a great time spell to undo the damage of the comet.
This will propel the heroes to their rightful homes.

Unfortunately, it will not be easy. Vicious criminals, who benefit from the chaotic time changes will seek to prevent the restoration of the proper timeline. If captured, they will turn the heroes to selfish evil.

All will be returned to its proper place, should any heroes survive their Journey to the End of the Night.


Journey to the End of the Night is Back!

Last October, for our 3rd Journey to the End of the Night in Tokyo, 160 of you ran from Koenji to Shin-okubo, evading pursuit and completing challenges. We're excited to play with you again! Journey to the End of the Night is a Tokyo-wide race, this time on March 18th with a Time-travel theme.

Contestants must dash around the city and complete challenges at five checkpoints while evading pursuit. It is similar to the Japanese game onigokko 鬼ごっこ, or a zombie version of a game of tag, with creative challenges along the way. The course, which begins at Rinshi no Mori Park in Meguro, will be approximately 8.5km and may take 2 to 4 hours to complete (accounting for interference). Oh and it's free!

Check-in will be from 6:00-6:30pm and the game will begin at 6:45. Do your best to be on time.

Online pre-registration is required to play and will be available from the beginning of March.

Fame and glory await those who succeed in the allotted time. Can you survive until the end of the night?


Time Wizards will be in disguise at the five checkpoints around the city, waiting to stamp players’ spellbooks as they arrive. At the start point, a mediator will give a verbal description of the wizard at the first checkpoint, and so the game begins. Awards, stories and possibly light refreshments will be presented at the finish line.

*If you do not reach all checkpoints by 23:00 make your way to the end for the awards ceremony and nijikai.


As a Time Traveler, your goal is to reach the final checkpoint first with a complete set of stamps in your spellbook, without being caught by rogue Time Bandits. You may walk, run, or use public transport. At each checkpoint you must find a Time Wizard to stamp your spellbook. These wizards will instruct you on how to identify the wizard at the next checkpoint. If you are caught (tagged), remove your player ribbon and give it to the Time Bandit who tagged you. Put on your bandit ribbon. Your goal now is to catch other players. [The person who caught you remains a bandit, but you join their ranks]

You will receive: You should wear: You should bring:
A player ribbon Comfy shoes Water
A chaser ribbon Time-traveler, time-bandit,
historical era or futuristic costume
A Charged smartphone (GPS) / Understanding of the route
A manifest sheet Your game face A camera (optional)
A course map   Anyone you can outrun


Players must:

  1. Travel by foot or by public transit only - Absolutely no cars, taxis, bikes, skateboards, rocket packs, etc.
  2. Do the checkpoints in order.
  3. After arriving at the checkpoint and finding the inspectors, you must follow all rules and instructions given by the inspectors,
    or risk disqualification as a time-traveler.
  4. If you arrive at a checkpoint after the checkpoint has closed, you may ask a stranger to sign your manifest.
  5. Your ribbon must be worn visibly on the head at all times. Hiding your ribbon is considered cheating, and is punishable by death.
  6. Use common sense, do not chase players into the street during a red light, or otherwise create dangerous situations. Do not tackle those you catch to the ground.
  7. If a chaser tags you, you must surrender your runner's ribbon & put on your chaser's ribbon.
  8. The chaser who tagged you remains a chaser.
  9. Only one tag at a time: chasers cannot tag while exchanging the ribbon.
  10. In case of medical emergency, call 110!

Safe Zones

  1. Areas surrounding each checkpoint as designated on your map.
  2. Sidewalks around given safezones are also safe.
  3. Specific additions might be announced at the beginning of the game.

Get Involved

About the Journey Tokyo Group

The Tokyo edition of Journey to the End of the Night is run by enthusiastic semi-adults not affiliated with any organizations, companies or causes.


Are you willing to donate 500 yen to help pay for the costs we incur in making Journey to the End of the Night a reality? Three months of planning, props for the 5 checkpoints, hundreds of meters of ribbon, prizes for the fastest time-travelers & successful bandits, and printing costs add up.

In addition, if we raise more than we spend, the excess will go toward offsetting the cost of future urban games.

Any donation, no matter how big or small helps! Please bring your donation on the night of the event.



We are always looking for other semi-adults of all shapes and sizes to help out in any way shape or form. If you are interested in getting involved, message us on Facebook, email us at TokyoJourney15@gmail.com, or sign up here!